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The Qind Selfie Bonus

53f - Selfie Bonus - 560

A Qind Dilemma! How do we find out how our designs are doing out in the world? How do we build a more active and dynamic dialogue with our clients so that we can better serve them? How do we build our fan base? And HOW can we do it all with one bold concept?

As many of my customers at the market have experienced, I love using my iPad to take flattering photos of them to put up on our digital screen and to use on our websites. The solution was obvious, more pics! But this time round, instead of me doing the snapshots, it is the customer. Thus the Qind Selfie Bonus naturally came to life.

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The Selfie that Doesn’t get you into trouble!

Quite a simple idea really: If you own a Qind Design item, it really does not matter what it is, even one of our little Pocket Squares will do, take a self-portrait (selfie) wearing it (Fun snaps of you in Qind Design by friends would also work).

Post that tasteful image on one of the social media platforms Qind Design is on, get a some positive reaction to the image and you get a 50% Discount Coupon to spend on our online shop. 53a - Selfie Bonus - No Text Original - 560 What happens on each platform slightly varies:

Facebook: Join(Like) Qind Design’s Facebook Fan Page: Post your image on The Fan Page Timeline:  Get a total of 10 likes, comments and or shares from your friends and family on Facebook. We then send you your 50% Discount Coupon Code for your next online purchase.

Twitter: Follow Qind Design’s Twitter Profile. Post your image with a tweet containing @qindonline. Get 10 friends and family to retweet it. We then send you your 50% Discount Coupon Code for your next online purchase. Tweet this

Pinterest: Follow Qind Design’s Pinterest Boards. Pin your image on your board. Get 10 friends and family to repin it. Let us know. We then send you your 50% Discount Coupon Code for your next online purchase.

Terms & Conditions:

1. You need only post on one social media platform to enter.

2. The Discount Coupon is only valid for online purchases from qinddesign.com.

3. The Discount Coupon can only be used once.

4. This Discount Coupon is only valid for Qind Design brand name products. It does not include products by our affiliates such as Bicycles, Helmets or bags.

5. The Discount Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers Qind Design may have going at the point of use.

6. This promotion will be running for the next few months and will be renewed periodically.

7. Should there be a delay in delivery of the Discount Coupon code, entrants simply notify us on the relevant platform when they have reached the required target for us to send them their discount coupon.

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Writer: Victor Nartey Visual Narrative: Alexandra Hipwell, Qind Design

Alex Korzer-Robinson - Montage - 960

A Big Thank you to Robert & Alex


I just want to say a big Thank You to Robert Robinson and Alex Korzer-Robinson for their recent donation to Qind Online.

As the first persons to utilise the donation facility since our launch, it came as a surprise and was wholly unexpected. I am always thankful for any expression of appreciation for the work we do. It is heartening when that support comes in concrete ways to help us shoulder the running costs.

many thanks


Qind Design at Market - Apr14-14 - 960

Qind Design @ Market

Qind Design at Market - Apr14-14 - 560

We share a selection of images of Qind Design’s recent activities at market.

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Visual Narrative: Qind Design

13_eroica9 - 960


Began in 1997, L’Eroica is a cycling festival held in beautiful hills of Tuscany that brings together people from all walks of life who have a nostalgic passion for bicycle racing.

This short clip shares a little of the spirit one finds there when taking part.

It is a concept that is spreading with a franchise in Japan and soon to come to the UK.

This year’s event takes place on the weekend of October 3rd, 2014.

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The first L’Eroica in the UK: 20-22 June 2014

L’Eroica Britannia being promoted as ‘the most handsome bike race in the World’ alongside a 3 day bike and style festival in the green, very pleasant and spectacular lands of the Peak District National Park, UK.

It is to be held at Bakewell, the ‘ancient capital of the Peak’ in the heart of The Peak District National Park, 3 weeks before The Tour de France comes to the UK.

Over the 3 days the celebration will focus on a very British take on the values of territory, sustainability and the joys of food and drink. The festival’s pinnacle is on the 22nd June with the ‘Great British Adventure’ exploring the romantic idea of heroic cycling as it once was, placed alongside aspects of lifestyle, belonging and the Great British Countryside with a 3 route bike tour of The Peak District.

Source: L’Eroica, L’Eroica Brittania

Visual Narrative: Eduard Sepulchre



Qind Design Ambassadors - Q1-14

Qind Ambassadors

46h - QD Ambassadors - 560

This is our latest selection of images of lovely people trying out Qind Design stuff whilst we have been out and about recently. All of them looking quite spiffy we think. These were taken in Greenwich Market, Spitalfields Market and Soho House Berlin.

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Writer: Victor nartey

Visual Narrative: Qind Design

Mia - Ze Otavio - 960

Red Movement

Red - Montage2 - 560

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This particular visual narrative has been one I have been looking forward to creating for absolutely ages. They come from some really fantastic visual pieces with red themes that I have been collating over quite a while. Hope you enjoy it.

Writer: Victor Nartey

Static Visual Narrative: Credits in Montage

Films: Ring by Spencer Tunick, Sagat by Philip Riches

Giovanni di Mola - 960

Connecting with Stillness II

We revisit this peaceful frames by Giovanni di Mola.

Moving Still I

Moving Still II

Moving Still II

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Source: Giovanni di Mola

Simon-Webbe - 960

Simon Webbe – Sanctuary

A few years ago, when the boy-band Blue took a hiatus, like his other band members, Simon Webbe tried to make a go of becoming a solo artist with the album Sanctuary. He looked to step away from pop with tracks that had tones of a more meditative mind. It never took off. A mainstream audience simply was not ready for the messages he had share or simply could not seem him with depth beyond his pop beginnings.

It is work that I have always appreciated and found to have resonance with those on the path of self-awareness. I share three songs with beautiful words to live by.

No Worries: I just know your life is going to change. Maybe not today but soon you will be alright.

Lay Your Hands: When life is getting me down, come on lay your hands on me.

A Little High: You can get to where you want to if you read all the signs.

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Source: Simon Webbe


273620164_8492465fd2_o - 960

Keith Perelli

Keith Perelli - Montage 1 - 560

For the last few months, we have been featuring the work of Keith Perelli as the primary component of our visual narratives. We are very thankful for the opportunity that this painter and printmaker based in New Orleans Louisiana has given us. We hope you have enjoyed his work. We look to wrap up our current run with him with this interview feature where he shares with us his life as an artist.

Of his extensive portfolio, we have curated selected pieces into particular visual narratives which are presented on each of the following six pages.

301033058_a2f67e113f_o - 560


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Qind: Let us start by finding out a little about you. How would you introduce yourself?

Keith: My name is Keith Perelli and I am a figurative painter and educator working in New Orleans, Louisiana. My art and profession as a teacher parallel one another as they both draw and derive influence from observational subjects.

I have a strong connection to the colourfully rich texture of the Southern United States, its environment and its people.

Qind: How would you describe your work?

Keith: I am interested in expressing ideas through a fusion of realism and abstraction. Being an artist excited by the potential of both traditional and experimental methods and techniques of mark making, my work is often born of searching and finding the subject throughout the processes of layering paint.

273620164_8492465fd2_o - 560

I am just as intrigued by the physicality and limits of the media and surface, as I am the actual realisation of an illusion of form. I explore the political, social and sexual proclivities of man.

I am interested in connecting to the audience through the figure as a means of our shared experiences, desires and weaknesses.


Not The Only One For Me: Part III




Nothing for Granted

It was on a reality dating TV show that I heard probably the wisest perspective on how to keep a long-term relationship alive.

I can’t even remember the premise of the programme however in this particular episode, however early on, the principle male participant spoke of how he held his parents long-term happy marriage as the ideal he would like to achieve.

Later on in the programme the audience is introduced to the parents. They are asked as to the secret of their long and happy relationship. The father, in a very matter-of-fact way said that the two of them both knew that they were not the only ones they could be with and so they did not take each other for granted. Ever. The mother nodded in silent agreement.

The scene cut from them and that was all we heard. I was however struck by the clear depth of guiding principle in their successful relationship:

1. Realise that you are not the only one your partner could be with.

2. Be constantly aware and don’t take them for granted. Always be Thankful

Simple but Effective: Awareness, Acceptance & Thankfulness.

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Until it ends, there is no end…

Writer: Victor Nartey

Visual Narrative: Keith Perelli

Qind Online is a portal exploring inspiring relationships and sustainable living for the open-minded


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