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Leadership on Violence Prevention by Men

The two TED talks presented here represent a paradigm shift in how we talk on the devastating effects violence and abuse perpetrated by men and how we start to move towards effective solutions where men start to take leadership as the catalysts of change. After watching these clips, I wonder what other solutions come to mind? Source: TE[...]

Qind Curates Blazers on Pinterest

A staple apparel item for architects, designers and creative entrepreneurs is a good blazer with a bold sense of creativity and professionalism that is exceptionally versatile, from breakfast meetings to power lunches to relaxed evening social drinks with potential business partners. The trend of a blazer in our time is one that is fitted, two buttoned, s[...]

Qind Curates Great Ensembles on Pinterest

Architects, designers and entrepreneurs, as all creatives, need a constant flow of inspiration, taking what they see and adapting it to construct their own fresh inventions. This holds true I dress and attire. In our Pinterest Board 'Great Ensemble Looks' we curate images where the staples of shirt, trousers, shoes, blazer and accessories have been brough[...]

Qind Curates Accessories on Pinterest

It is the little thing of acute detail and exceptional craftsmanship which speak greatly an architect, designer or entrepreneur's unique ability to deliver. In our Pinterest Board 'Men's Accessories', we curate eyewear and watches beautifully designed to give our readers ideas. If you have a Pinterest account, do follow the board and share widely. Tha[...]

Qind Curates Shoes on Pinterest

A good pair of shoes tells the quality and grain of a man. If you have everything else right but have a crappy pair of shoes on, you might as well have not tried with the rest. Creative professional men,especially architects, designers and entrepreneurs cannot do without a pair of well made high quality leather shoes that have the versatility to be worn c[...]

Qind Curates Bags on Pinterest

There is nothing like a beautiful bag to speak volumes about about the contents and character of the creative individual carrying it, especially if they are an architect, designer or entrepreneur. We encourage our followers to indulge in some of the fantastic designs that we are constantly discovering on our Pinterest Board 'Bags'. If you have a Pinter[...]

Qind Curates Men with Imagination in Scarves on Pinterest

The astute are very cognisant of the fact that when it comes to dress, more often than not, all you need is but on single element of attire with a liveliness, a tight taut explosion of colour and interest to project the unique boldness of the individual. At Qind, we believe a collection of scarves is one of the best ways to do this. In our Pintere[...]

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