69a - New Phase - Jul29-14 Qind Design has now transitioned into the next phase of its developments. No longer operating in Craft Markets, Qind Design now intends to focus on growth though its Online Store, portfolio of Retail Stockists, Targeted & Corporate Popup Events and Trade Shows & Exhibitions.

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From its launch in August of 2012, Qind Design has spent almost two years operating primarily from Craft markets in and around London. In that time we have tried quite a few places. We started off in the Cabbage & Frocks Market in Marylebone, then gave Leadenhal Market a go for a few months before spending the better part of the last year in Greenwich and Spitalfields markets.

through the market we know who are customers are

and what they want from us 

Our time in the craft market circuit has been invaluable. In that fluid and creative space with other craft designers and direct interaction with consumers on a daily basis, we have developed, redefined and improved our products. We have gained a very clear understanding of who our customers are, what products and what features are most important to them.

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We always saw Craft markets as the initial phase of a long journey for Qind Design and in recent months all signs have been indicating that time had come for us to move on – and so we are.

Thankful for everything we have learnt in the last two years, we have now ended all trading in craft markets and are putting our efforts to specific activities to help us move the brand towards our ultimate goal.

more activity in social media and online marketing

to improve interaction with clients via our online store

We intend to put dedicated effort into our social media and online marketing to help increase engagement of our clientele through our online store.

Having a clear understanding of who our end consumers are, we are going to be targeting particular retail outlets that service our particular customers to sell our products.

As an example, we know that our unique Spring Turtle Scarves and Pocket Squares have been particularly popular with professional men, architects, designers and entrepreneurs who dress in a distinctive way. We are thus targeting Sartorial Mens stores and bespoke tailors to carry our products across London and eventually the South East of the United Kingdom.

targeted retail stockists servicing clients with the same profile as Qind Design

From the market we also know that the particular aesthetic of our scarves, wraps, pencil skirts and fitted dresses have an attraction to a particular type of woman looking for vibrancy and uniqueness in her dress. We are thus targeting particular boutiques catering to these women to carry our products. 64b - Pop-up Shop - 560 Through the market we have also learnt that those in corporate professions have an attraction to our products. We are looking to reach them in an acute way through targeted and corporate Popup shop events. We are looking to operate on a regular basis popup shops in Corporate Premises, Private Members Clubs and Luxury Health Clubs.

open to new opportunities for

popup shop events in corporate offices and targeted venues

We begin our Popup Events portfolio with Price Waterhouse Coopers. We look to start operating a regular popup shop in their London offices shortly and have also been asked to host a Qind Design exclusive fashion show. The previous organisation asked to host such an event was The House of Fraser. If you think Qind Design would be welcome in your organisation, please do get in touch with our managing director: victor@qinddesign.com

getting the attention of big buyers

The last key area of focus for Qind Design is to start participating in key Trade Shows and exhibitions both in London and abroad so as to catch the attention of mainstream store group buyers. Our ultimate goal being that Qind Design becomes a known brand on the high street.

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 So after two years in the market, we have mapped out a new direction for Qind Design. As ever we shall put all our genuine efforts into making it work. We will look to change and amend direction should we find that something does not work.

We would like to thank all our customers and supporters over the last pivotal two years which has hopefully laid the foundation on which to achieve higher levels of success and actualisation of Qind Design.

Writer: Victor Nartey