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Those who know the city, are aware that for the last 5 years or so, East London has been the place to be. The area around Shoreditch, Kingsland Road and Dalston is where to find the hip young creatives of the city. However with hippness, up goes property prices, resulting in a push ever Eastward.

Today, Roman Road and the area around Victoria Park is attracting the young Shoreditch crowd who cannot afford to live in Shoreditch. As they come in, new spaces are opening to cater to their tastes. One of such places is 504 Gallery, a concept space that combines an organic Tea Room with Art Gallery and Vintage store.

Late in 2013, I was approached at Greenwich Market to have Qind Design add its products to the Vintage store of the Gallery. After much deliberation and work, Qind Design now has a range of its Neckart and Menswear on display.

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 It is a small quaint space. I am happy for Qind Design to be a part of it. A small business like my own, I see their creativity hard at work, trying to make the most with the little that they have.

With hopes of getting Qind Design ever into more shops, and eventually launching our own store, I see this as a great opportunity for us to test the waters of being in a retail space, working on our strategy to display our products in the best light possible and communicate our particular aesthetic effectively.

We have an uphill climb ahead and much to learn. There are some upcoming events where I may get to present on the creative journey of Qind Design at the Gallery.

I certainly look forward to this collaboration with the hardworking individuals of this space.

About Roman Road

Roman Road is situated on the oldest known trade route in Britain, the road to Colchester famously taken by Boudicea on her way to burn the Romans in London. The road is in the heart of the East End. It’s a friendly, funky place to shop for some real bargains. Super Saturday takes place every weekend throughout the summer and features the very best in crafts, home & garden, antiques, food, clothing, books, special events, street performances, jugglers, stilt walkers, face painting and much more! In winter, the market is smaller. It’s not so much of a fun day out, but still a fantastic place for shopping. The Roman Road Arts & Craft Market is located at Ewart Place every Saturday and the Roman Road Farmers Market takes place on the first Saturday of every month, on Cardigan Road from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

 About 504 Gallery Vintage Fashion Collection

Fashion Collection:

The 504 new Fashion collection presents a selection of brand new designers who are focused on quality, style, and innovative design. At the 504 space, customers will find a juxtaposition of vintage clothes and modern items, covering female and male clothes, accessorizes and shoes.

The common trait of this smart collection is centred on unique, personalized items which help to express various aspects of personalities, tastes and styles. Victor Nartey from Qind Design reinterprets colours through taste&character, being a retail brand of urban life accessories focused primarily on Neckart™, jewellery and bags; the brand aesthetic is clean & simple, colourful & tasteful with a particular appreciation for originality and the elegance of ethnic design.

Donovan from Love-Denim renovates the classic manufacture for denim from a 40 years experience, ethic and visual awareness, sustained by quality.

Similarly La Piovra presents its collection for leather bags, accessorize and jewellery, twisting traditional and vintage materials into modern forms and colours. Stefania Puntaroli works adding an artistic value to fashion clothes by painting, symbols and archetypes.

Moreover, the kaleidoscopic touch of Hannah Harvard is relevant to define an unique collection for vintage female clothes, which are suitable for every taste. 

504 Roman Road,

London, E3 5LU

Writer: Victor Nartey

Visual Narrative: Qind Design


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